Bracelets for Women

Handmade bracelets for women with original unique jewelry designs using semi-precious stones: Agate stones, red and with coral stones, onyx, turquoise, lava, hematite, Czech glass and sterling silver. Look around at our online store and find a collection of beaded women's bracelets available for almost any occasion. You can find handcrafted bracelets that for sure will match up with your dresses and personality. The popular big beaded bracelets are mostly worn by women who like to make a great fashion statement. Our handmade and beaded bracelets come along with unique stones and in a rainbow of color variations. You will always make a great statement when wearing a beaded bracelet. Find more handmade Jewelry at this category: Handmade Jewelry

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Agate Bracelet contemporary Chic
Agate bead Bracelet with unique natural banding We love the color combination of this contemporar..
Agate Bracelet multicolor in Silver
Handmade Agate Bracelet multicolor in Silver Beautiful handmade agate bracelet with silver bead s..
Agate Bracelet with 14mm Beads
Handmade Agate Bracelet multicolor in Silver Update your jewelry box! Agate bead bracelet a strik..
Big Coral Bracelet impressive Color
Big Coral Bracelet impressive color 16mm Beads If you're looking for a lot of fun and impressive ..
Black Bracelet handmade glamorous Onyx
Black Bracelet handmade glamorous Look 14mm beads For an glamorous look, round and cube onyx bead..
Blue Bracelet gorgeous Color
Blue Bracelet Turquoise Stones in gorgeous Color This blue bracelet has two different size round ..
Bold green Bracelet shining and Fresh
Bold green Bracelet shining in black Onyx and green Venetian glass Shining in fresh and sensual b..
Bracelet handmade big 16mm Stones
Bracelet stunning piece with Onyx, Turquoise, Hematite Perfect style created with onyx, turquoise..
Bracelet Onyx, Turquoise, Hematite
Bead Bracelet stunning piece with Onyx, Turquoise, Hematite This bead bracelet is just plain cute..
Bracelet Sardonyx with Stripes
Beaded Bracelet Sardonyx with white Stripes This beaded bracelet is a treasure and made of polish..
Coral Bracelet unique branches and Beads
Coral Bracelet very unique with red branches and Beads Make a red color splash statement! This be..
Coral Bracelet with red Branches
Coral Bracelet impressive color 16mm Beads Spice up your style with this bracelet featuring sassy..
Green Bracelet add a little Romantic
Green Bracelet add a little Romantic to your Style Add a little romantic to an ordinary outfit an..
Multicolor Bracelet a gorgeous Piece
Gorgeous multicolor Bracelet with various shining Gemstones A gorgeous piece - agate, Venetian gl..
Multicolor Bracelet show your Creativity
Multicolor Bracelet show your originality with this multistone Bracelet Show your creative side w..
Onyx Bracelet fashionable Elegant
Onyx Bracelet wonderful smooth black Onyx Beads This fashionable, opulent bracelet is created wit..
Onyx Bracelet unique, trendy and Modern
Onyx Bracelet very unique, trendy, modern and easy to Wear Trendy, modern and easy to wear. This ..
Onyx Bracelet wonderful
Beaded Onyx Bracelet wonderful smooth black Onyx Beads Wonderful bracelet with smooth round black..
Purple Bracelet in fabulous Colors
Graceful Purple Bracelet with Pearls and Glass in fabulous Colors Women love it! This very femini..
Red Bracelet mystic and Exotic
Red Bracelet combining mystic with exotic wild Spirit This beautiful red bracelet combines mystic..
Sardonyx Bracelet glossy Shine
Silver Bead Bracelet with glossy Shine in Sterling Silver Gorgeous silver bead bracelet featuring..
Statement Bracelet pure and Fresh
Statement Bracelet pure, fresh, unique, Outstanding Pure, fresh, and unique this outstanding brac..
White Bracelet handmade lofty Style
White Bracelet handmade, Coral and Silver lofty Style Enjoy a white coral look with this white co..
Yellow Bracelet with versatile Look
Yellow Bracelet versatile Look with various Stones This yellow bracelet celebrates volcanic lava,..