Dresses for Women

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Dresses for Women - stunning collection of clothing suitable for very special occasions

Evening Gowns
Looking for a beautiful formal dress at an affordable price? Belonda has a the perfect dress to fit the special day. Explore our fantastic collection of latest styles and trends and find long, elegant flowing evening gowns that are perfect for a variety of special and formal events.You will find dresses of timeless style and also the latest styles and trendy colors. All our evening dresses are tailored of high quality fabrics with beautiful embellishment and standout silhouettes. Find a evening dress

Silk dresses for Evening, Cocktail and Summer
Find the largest selection of affordable chic silk dresses on sale. Beautiful silk evening and cocktail dresses to make you shine on that special occasion. Explore our vibrant silk summer dress collection with natural feminine shapes. A fresh combination of luxurious silk fabrics and feminine colored nature-inspired prints with a good mix of contemporary and timeless styling. All dresses come with a matching shawl. Find a silk dress

Cocktail and Party Dresses
Belonda features vibrant and sassy cocktail dresses for women in classic and trendy styles. All dresses are made of exceptional fabrics capturing a modern look with a European twist to be sure you are set for your next night out. Whether you require stylish party wear or evening wear, our cocktail gown collection is ideal for holiday parties, weddings and also prom - this collection will take you anywhere. Find a cocktail dress

Prom and Glamour Dresses
Our gorgeous prom and homecoming dress collection with vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics and an eye on affordabilit turn heads. There's no faster way to catch attention than a stunning prom gown made in this season's trendiest colors and styles. Beautiful stunning glamour outfits in pink pastels, vibrant blues, purples and greens make their way from the red carpet to the dance floor. Browse our ultimative prom gown collection tailored of high quality fabrics with beautiful embellishment and standout silhouettes. Find a prom and glamour dress

Print Dresses
Check our assortment of women's colorful floral print dresses, and get free shipping on orders over $150! Find a print dress

Satin Dresses
Looking for a chic and stunning Satin dress for women this season - Satin the perfect look for a chic womn. Planning a romantic night out or have a special evening planned with your loved ones? If you are looking for the perfect outfit, accent your special occasion with a stylish Satin dress that will get you noticed. This Satin gown collection will guide your special day to evening in style. Find a Satin dress